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Testimonials from our subscribers

Years of experience are reflected in the voices of our customers


James C.

„This has really made me less of just a client & more of a friend.“


Geetz N.

„My life has changed a lot cause I have guidance into understanding the market and now I know how to trade wisely… I have become a more profitable and smart trader because of Roger.“


Darryl D.

„His research has been outstanding, he understands not all of us can afford to purchase the expensive stocks. That has been great for me!“


Peter R.

„Trading used to be a struggle. I (unsuccessfully) tried a little of this and that with no luck.“


Tom O.

„Will I retire comfortably? When will I retire? How much money will I need when I retire? All those were questions I used to ask myself all the time. Now, I can actually enjoy life and I never have to worry about money again. That piece of mind is priceless.“

Izzy B.

„…Goes to show the real power of having the knowledge and tools to spot highly targeted unusual option activity. I would and do highly recommend your service to my friends and associates.“


Olivia H.

„Signing up was the best investment I’ve ever made!“


Kyle B.

„Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your continued efforts on Money Link, MMFE and now Burn Notice. I recognize the extra efforts you put in, and also want to say thank you for expanding my knowledge base and awareness exponentially on this stuff (especially since my background is engineering).“


Damon R.

„This reliable strategy is exactly what traders need during these crazy times! Keep up the outstanding work! I’m going to enjoy a beer or two over the weekend to celebrate our success!“


Glenn R.

„Yes, you were right about Burn Notice! I am loving the results and the action. Looking forward to “fishing” with you.“

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