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Understand all the notifications that go along with The TradingPub and ways to make the most out of them

I don’t want updates to go into my Spam folder. How do I whitelist your emails?

If you do find an email from us in your Spam folder, make sure to mark it as “Not Spam” to help future emails arrive directly to your inbox. Here are instructions to whitelist some of the most popular email providers. If your email provider isn’t listed below, you can simply add our email address to your address book.

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Learn about the best practices on receiving our expert advice

Where Do I Start Trading?

If you don’t already have a trading account, you’ll need one to buy and sell stocks or options. If you already have a 401(k) or an IRA, you should be able to go to the website of the company you have your retirement account with, and just open up a trading account there. If you need to set up a new account, we don’t recommend specific brokerages, however, some of those most popular with our members are:
Again, these are not recommendations as we do not recommend specific brokerages. This is simply a list of the companies our members use. If you should have any problems signing up for an account, or have issues using your broker’s platform, contact your broker’s customer support team and they’ll be happy to assist you.

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Learn about the best practices on receiving our expert advice

Are any of your materials available in other languages?
At this time, we don’t offer our materials in other languages. However, this is something we may look at in the future.