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11 No-Brainer Stocks Big Hedge Funds Are Buying Now

by | Feb 18, 2022

If you’re one of my long-haulers, then you know large hedge funds are required to submit special quarterly reports with the SEC called a 13F filing. The main idea is to keep things nice and transparent… 

And it allows the public to keep tabs on what they’re doing. 

But what most people fail to realize is that we can actually use this report to find out the kind of stocks hedge funds are buying. 

So let me show you the kind of tickers large institutions are holding onto… and then I’ll go into even more detail about the stocks they’re buying. 

The Stocks Hedge Funds Are Buying

If you’re new around here, 13F forms give us a blueprint of all the stocks hedge funds are buying, selling and holding… These filings even tell us things like how many trades they have long or short. 

And then what I do is look for the top 10 funds over the past three months to see what holdings they all have in common.  

So I don’t just blindly tell you guys about these stocks, folks. 

In fact, I found Sea Ltd (NYSE: SE) this way about three years ago, and it’s almost tripled since then! 

And based on what stocks hedge funds are holding right now, they’re still concentrated on the Information Technology sector. 

I find that interesting because we knew this past quarter that interest rates were going to move higher… So that should have given large institutions all the information they needed to move out of tech. 

But to each his or her own… 

Check out my short video to learn more about what stocks hedge funds are buying, and how you can use 13F filings in your own trading. 

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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