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My Favorite Sectors to Trade as Volatility is Set to Rise Again

by | Oct 25, 2021

While there isn’t much data being released Monday, the rest of the week is going to be full of reports. The biggest and most important will be Thursday’s gross domestic product data, which will give us a good idea of if the economy is expanding or contracting — and more in Monday’s stock market recap. 

Stock Market Recap

In Monday’s stock market recap, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Friday the central bank isn’t prepared to raise interest rates as it expects inflation to continue due to ongoing supply chain issues. This is good news for the bond market and puts pressure on stocks. Rising costs for raw materials and transportation will ultimately decrease corporate profits.

The latest consumer confidence report is scheduled to drop Tuesday. This report is important because it will reflect on the upcoming GDP report.  

It could be a good time to lower exposure as we might experience a rise in volatility in the next few weeks. So I reviewed the S&P 500 sectors to know what kind of stocks to trade in the near term. 

Roger’s Radar: Top Sectors for the Week Ahead 

I know I’ve been hyping Energy a lot lately, but it’s still my favorite sector. We’re already facing an energy shortage, and it’s only going to get worse as temperatures drop.

The Financial sector is another one of my favorites, and banks have been crushing it on earnings.

But that’s not all… There are two other sectors I’m eyeing that are doing particularly well… 

In this video, you’ll discover the biggest threats for stocks this week… whether the supply chain issue is bigger than expected… whether stocks are set to soar or drop this week… why bonds are crucial to watch right now… why Tuesday’s consumer data is vital… and which sectors are ready to take off.



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