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2 Semiconductor Stocks to Target as Supply Woes Boost Demand

by | Sep 3, 2021

It’s safe to assume most people have noticed by now that there’s a huge chip shortage impacting numerous industries… 

The problem is actually a lot worse than I initially expected, and could last much longer than anyone first thought.  

Nissan said it’ll be making a half-million fewer vehicles in 2021 due to the chip shortage. It even interrupted some of General Motors’ pickup truck production, forcing the company to park thousands of completed cars that still don’t have their needed chips. 

They’re just losing money right there, folks! 

Experts have said the issue could take another year to resolve, if not longer, which will only cause the price of semiconductors and microchips to rise. That’s mostly because chips are more of a commodity these days than most people would think. 

So you’ll be happy to hear that I managed to get my hands on a few semiconductor chip shortage stocks we can start trading now…

2 Semiconductor Chip Shortage Stocks Traders Should Target and Why 

I don’t think you guys realize this, folks, but we have a global supply chain in crisis…

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook warned the public this past July that it’ll impact iPhone sales and other products like the iPad. 

Remember, people love to buy Apple phones and tablets during the holiday season. So can you even imagine what could happen this year with the shortage?

It will be nuts! 

Even Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says it’ll be another year or two before supply can meet demand. 

I mean, experts are already warning that holiday shopping might not offer the variety and options we’re used to. 

Then add the China tension to the mix, and our big problem could get even worse…

So check out my short video to find out which semiconductor chip shortage stocks traders and investors will want to start targeting now. 

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