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My Top ETF for a Data-Heavy Week on Wall Street

by | Jan 13, 2022

We take a look at the markets as they react to the latest Producer Price Index and Wednesday’s Consumer Price Index data — and more in Thursday’s stock market recap.

December’s PPI data, which shows the average change in selling prices received by domestic producers of goods and services, rose 9.7% year over year. That’s slightly lower than consensus estimates, but still the biggest increase on record…

Wednesday’s CPI data showed inflation at the highest level in almost 40 years.  

These numbers give us a concrete idea of just how much supply chain issues and inflationary pressure impact consumers and producers alike.

Elsewhere in the news, we’ll also hear more from the Federal Reserve Thursday as the Senate Banking Committee prepares to hold Fed Gov. Lael Brainard’s confirmation hearing to become the next Fed Vice Chair.

In this morning’s stock market recap video, you’ll discover which Fed report could be a major catalyst for the market… which two sectors are showing increased vulnerability… why I’m bullish on the Dow and S&P 500… whether bonds are set to drop or soar… an update on market internals and the sector heat map… plus my top ETF and option pick!

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Roger’s Radar: Delta Earnings

Travel stocks are beginning to report earnings, and we kicked things off before the bell Thursday with Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL). 

Delta reported a loss for the quarter and forecast a loss for the first quarter of 2022 due in large part to the fast-spreading omicron variant. However, the airline giant predicted a rebound coming for travel starting in late February. 

Adjusted earnings per share came in at 22 cents versus 14 cents expected, while revenue came in at $9.47 billion versus $9.21 billion expected, the highest revenue since late 2019. 

Per CNBC: 

The company is still yet to fully recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Revenue was down 17% from $11.44 billion during the last three months of 2019, just before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Delta’s shares were up more than 2% in premarket trading after the company reported results.

CEO Ed Bastian said omicron is expected to delay the rebound in travel demand by 60 days.

Stock Market Recap: By the Numbers

This morning’s stock market futures recap: 

DOW (mini)

  • Close: 36,290.32. 
  • Futures: 36,287. 
  • Change: +128. 

S&P 500 (mini)

  • Close: 4,726.35. 
  • Futures: 4,726.35. 
  • Change: +12. 

NASDAQ (mini)

  • Close: 15,905.1. 
  • Futures: 15,945.5. 
  • Change: +58.25. 

RUSSELL (mini)

  • Close: 2,176.06. 
  • Futures: 2,180.5. 
  • Change: +7.5. 

Note: Updated as of 9:14 a.m. EST

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