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How to Select Highly Liquid Options For Day and Swing Trading

by | Oct 27, 2023

Hey traders and investors, it’s Roger here! You know I usually drop one video a day, but I couldn’t resist sharing some extra juice with you all. So, let’s dive into the world of options trading and unlock the secrets to finding the most liquid options in the market. This is the kind of stuff that can really amp up your trading game!

In my latest video, “How to Select Highly Liquid Options For Day and Swing Trading,” I walk you through a nifty little trick using the Barchart website. It’s a real game-changer, folks.

I set up some filters to zero in on options that are not just good, but great. We’re talking a stock price over $10, less than 60 days till expiration, and we definitely want high open interest. These criteria are key to spotting those liquid gems.

But here’s the kicker… It’s all about those tight bid-ask spreads. That’s your golden ticket to liquidity! To make your life easier, I suggest downloading the results into Excel. This way, you’ve got a quick reference to check if an option is liquid, especially when you’re considering jumping into trades from my alerts or elsewhere.

Remember, this isn’t just about following steps… It’s about strategizing like a pro. By focusing on liquidity and using the right tools, you’re setting yourself up for smoother trades and potentially nailing some solid returns. So, get out there, use these tips, and let’s make some savvy moves in the options market!

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