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What Traders Can Learn By Following Insider Buying

by | Apr 14, 2022

Most people tend to forget that large hedge funds are required to turn in quarterly reports with the SEC called a 13F filing. The form gives us a blueprint of all the stocks institutions are buying, selling and holding. 

The goal is to keep things nice and transparent… 

But 13F filings give average investors the chance to learn how to benefit from insider buying and see what the “smart money” is doing in the market.

It’ll tell you if funds are buying or selling the stocks you’re interested in, and even clue you in on companies that may not already be on your radar but maybe should be. That’s how I found Sea Ltd. (NYSE: SE) a few years back… 

How to Benefit From Insider Buying With 13F Filings 

Now, when I discovered Sea Ltd. via 13F filings back in 2020, the stock was trading around $70 per share.

Since then, it’s rallied all the way up to the $370 level this past October — about a 400% increase! 

Stock chart of SE (how to benefit from insider buying)

Now, SE did end up retracing some of those gains back down to the $107 level…

But that’s beside the point I’m trying to make here.  

Recent filings reveal that large hedge funds are holding out for tech titans like Amazon, Microsoft and, to my surprise, Google, to make a comeback.

So check out the short video to learn more about how to benefit from insider buying and how 13F filings help us keep tabs on what type of positions institutional traders are focused on.

I’ll even throw in an easy-to-use search engine that saves me hours and hours of research when looking at these kinds of reports. 

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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