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2 ETFs to Trade If You’re Looking for Major Upside Gains

by | Aug 27, 2021

It’s no secret that the stock market is fragmented… and I don’t expect much movement until after Labor Day weekend. 

I mean, even then it takes a few more weeks for large hedge funds and institutional buyers to move into the market with strong volume, which is what’s needed for it to break out and start trending upward again. 

While most traders will turn to cash during these periods, I find that ETFs actually trend well when markets are listless…

And I’ve got a handful of ETFs to trade that should continue to outperform the broader market 

2 ETFs to Trade With Major Upside Potential 

Before we jump into today’s picks, I need you to understand that these ETFs can reduce risk and increase your profit potential all at once. 

That’s because ETFs are typically made up over several different stocks, almost like a mutual fund. 

In a nutshell, it reduces risk if something unforeseeable happens to individual stocks overnight — like earnings or major news. 

With ETFs, you have limited exposure to individual stocks. During times of uncertainty and low liquidity, that’s a safer risk to take. 

That’s why I’m giving away two ETFs that should continue to outperform the overall market over the next few months — especially if it remains trendless, listless and choppy… which could continue until October, when volatility tends to pick up again. 

So check out my short video below to learn which ETFs to trade now…

Now, some of these ETFs to trade might seem kind of boring, or not the typical type of assets and stocks you’re used to investing in. If that’s the case, remember… markets are highly competitive. 

So by staying away from the most-traded stocks, you eliminate a large portion of competition from millions of eyes targeting the same names at the same time. 

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