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Why I Trade 90-Day Breakouts When Stocks Are Oversold

by | Mar 10, 2022

If you’re one of my long-haulers, then you probably already know that I love to trade my 90-day breakout strategy… 

And that I tend to focus on it most when the stock market’s grossly oversold like it is now. 

I use this 90-day breakout strategy because shorter levels like the 20-, 40-, 50- and even 70-day breakouts are usually only profitable half of the time… A lot of that has to do with the fact that momentum buying is so popular that buyers move in quicker because everybody is watching the same thing. 

So let me show you how I use my 90-day breakout strategy to gain that trader’s edge… 

Why I Trade This 90-Day Breakout Strategy 

I find this 90-day breakout strategy special because stocks typically experience more momentum every three months, so it gives me a bigger profit window than any of the other time periods out there. 

And it shouldn’t be any surprise that short-term time periods have more competition, and vice versa for longer time frames. 

I mean, everyone and their mother has real-time charts nowadays… 

And while I am giving some brand-new stock picks in the video below, don’t get too excited… 

I won’t be giving out buy and sell levels, or anything like that. But I will give you a few tickers in play right now. And while some of the names we’ll talk about are smart investments, others are nothing more than dogs with fleas. 

And nobody likes fleas…

Check out the short video below so we can sort through them together and to get my 90-day breakout strategy right now! 

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P.S. Very few people know this, but almost 90% of trades in today’s market are controlled by algorithmic systems… 

So people not taking advantage of them are missing out! 

But don’t worry, I’ve designed the algo with an edge over the market… And I’m ready to show everyone exactly how to apply this same edge to their own trading.. 

With my special algorithm, my traders and I have whipped the S&P 500 by 371% since 2020! 

Give it a try! 


WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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