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Confused by Options Spreads? Let’s Fix That

by | May 24, 2022

I always love getting feedback from readers about what aspects of trading give them the most headaches. 

Looking through some recent responses, one subject jumped at me… 

It seems a lot of you out there find options credit spread strategies both scary and confusing… 

So I’ve been thinking about how I can best help my readers demystify this trading setup that’s not as complex as many people think.

Let’s cut to the heart of this problem and I’ll walk you through it, step by step…

Options Spread Strategies Fundamentals

Options spread strategies are one of the most powerful weapons a trader can have in their arsenal… 

And they offer a few advantages that are hard to come by with a straight-up call or put option… 

Especially with the volatile markets we’ve seen so far in 2022. 

Options spread strategies can help manage risk, either by capping downside exposure or helping to offset the cost of an expensive options chain. 

I have a quick video from the vault with some (now historical) examples to help you visualize what’s going on…

The details on the individual stocks are always in flux, but the fundamentals of options spread strategies never change.

But I know what you’re thinking… 

“Come on, Lance. I don’t want another video of you from the past, talking about options from a completely different market… No, sir!”

Well if you want to see breakdowns of more recent examples, I have you covered there, too.

At 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday, May 26, I’m holding a workshop to help traders navigate the bear market we’re experiencing to help them get back on the right path.

Not only will I walk you through options spread trade fundamentals, but I’ll also drill down into an obscure hedge fund strategy I’ve used successfully on a certain set of stocks…

And I’ll demonstrate why it’s the go-to strategy for pro traders in the bear market.

Spots are limited — grab yours now!

WRITTEN BY<br>Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito

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