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Bears Shop for KSS Puts to Cap Off a Wild Trading Week

by | Nov 3, 2023

We traded names like Tesla, DraftKings, Square, Snapchat, Occidental, Intel, AMD, Google — oh my, what a party this week has been!

More exciting, more action than Las Vegas, all from the comfort of your home trading desk or cellphone!

I mean, did you read Thursday’s edition of this very newsletter, “It’s a Block Earnings Bonanza”?

I went into great detail about the Block earnings, and gave three different trades that hit the News Flow Scanner on Thursday…


SQ callsBlock reported earnings after the close and promptly exploded 20% higher. This morning, all three of these calls took off like a rocket, rising as much as 336% for the weekly $47 calls!

Past performance isn’t indicative of future results and all, but like I said… what a wild week it’s been!

So what’s on deck for Friday? 

We got some Kohl’s calls ahead of its Nov. 21 earnings date with a big spender trading the Nov. 10 expiration, $24.50 strike puts. 

These were trading around $0.53 a contract and immediately went higher, so a nice move already in this retail stock. 

We also saw more orders hit in Warner Bros after a big order hit on Thursday in the Nov. 10, $11.50 calls. Friday, we saw almost $200K put into the Nov. 24, $12 strike calls, so a little more time and 50 cents higher on the strike with WBD up over 5% to $11.65 a share around lunch time on the East Coast. 

Check out my video up top for the full rundown in 1 minute flat!

Friday’s Top Order Flow: 

  • KSS Nov23 10th Strike: 24.5 Puts premium: $103,425 ABOVE ASK BEARISH
    Trade Date: November 3, 2023 Trade Time: 10:03 am
  • WBD Nov23 24th Strike: 12 Calls premium: $196,976 ASK BULLISH
    Trade Date: November 3, 2023 Trade Time: 10:07 am
  • UAL Dec23 Strike: 40 Calls premium: $168,825 ASK BULLISH
    Trade Date: November 3, 2023 Trade Time: 11:09 am

Note: If no date is listed after the month, it’s the monthly expiration (third Friday). 

Lance doesn’t want the CCP spying on him, so you’ll never find him on TikTok. Same goes for other social media sites, which are filled with impersonators and scammers. 

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And in his private Telegram channel: https://t.me/+-gVwEIwGJhplMTgx 

*This is for informational and educational purposes only. There is inherent risk in trading, so trade at your own risk. 

P.S. Earnings Have Been WILD

Earnings have been a wild ride this week thanks to my News Flow Scanner. 

Want to know my favorite of the week so far? 

Ticker FTNT — a cybersecurity company. 

But to be honest, I don’t give a crap what the company is. All I care about are the massive options orders hitting my scanner and leading the way into great trade opportunities.

So 9 minutes before the close on Thursday, we saw a big order hit on FTNT… 

  • FTNT Nov23 3rd Strike: 55 Puts premium: $416,546 ABOVE ASK BEARISH
    Trade Date: November 2, 2023 Trade Time: 3:51 pm

What’d we do? Followed the flow!

Here’s the craziest part… 

Right at market close, the stock TANKED after reporting earnings. 

And this morning? Down 23% premarket… 

Let’s just say, we NAILED IT… 

All Thanks to My News Flow Scanner

*Past performance is not indicative of any future results. Trade at your own risk.


WRITTEN BY<br>Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito

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