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The Fed Tanked the Market… and Why NVDA Is Getting Crushed

by | Sep 1, 2022

The Big Picture With Jeff & Roger was delayed a couple of days this week because of travel issues after I hit the road for a fun and successful Blitz vs. Burn event. But we’re back to cover all things macro! 

And boy oh boy, this headline-driven market has been brutal…

Senior Strategist Roger Scott and I were back at it Thursday morning, sharing our thoughts on what we saw and where we’re going.

The Big Picture With Jeff & Roger 

The big theme of this edition of The Big Picture With Jeff & Roger was the Federal Reserve’s latest blunder, and what the heck happened to semiconductor stalwart Nvidia, which got crushed Thursday following news the U.S. government is going to block the company from selling certain chips to China.

Let Jeff Z and uncle Roger help you make sense of it all… although, this move against Nvidia doesn’t make much sense to anyone… We also discussed how we’re trading this terrible tape, and why the selling could and should soon be over. 

So check out The Big Picture With Jeff & Roger up above!

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P.S. Buy the Beginning, Sell the End — That’s What It’s All About!

During my time on Wall Street, I discovered that a select group of stocks would start a one-month “sprint” on the third trading day of each month… 


Well, what I learned is that big institutional and mutual fund managers would reallocate their portfolios at the beginning of every month…

In order to flood the strongest stocks more than others inside their portfolios.

Ever since I learned this, it’s allowed me to see opportunities that have crushed the S&P 500 on a monthly schedule!

While no one can guarantee winners, we are at the beginning of a new month… which means I’m about to release September’s trades… nine of them to be exact!

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Jeff Zananiri

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