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Chip Stocks Are Booming. Is This Corner of the Market Next to Explode?

by | Feb 8, 2024

Lance’s News Flow Scanner has been on FIRE this earnings season! I’ll be with him live at 1 p.m. ET TODAY — join us to see what’s hitting!

Hey, Graham Lindman here…

Something interesting has been going down quietly in the market this week.

While everyone is focused on chip stocks — and rightfully so after the monster moves we’ve seen — there’s been massive call buying in another little corner of the market…

Crypto miners like Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: MARA), Riot Platforms Inc. (Nasdaq: RIOT) and CleanSpark (Nasdaq: CLSK).

These three miners are all down big the past month after extended up-and-down runs higher in 2023, including a parabolic fourth-quarter move from early October to late December.

MARA alone went from just over $7 a share to more than $31 in less than three months. RIOT doubled over that same period while CLSK almost quadrupled.

The past year, MARA and CLSK are both up over 170%, and RIOT is up over 80%.

Those huge moves also include a major sell-off that’s seen MARA and RIOT both dip about 25% while CLSK has fallen over 10%.

I still have my long-term positions in these names, and I added about $28K into both RIOT and MARA after hours Wednesday.

These new additions won’t be long term, but rather I’m looking to see if we can get a 10% to 20% pop over the next few days — all three are up big this morning, anywhere from 6% to 9% on the open!

Check out the option buying we saw Wednesday in these three names, and specifically the volume of calls versus puts…







Lance’s News Flow Scanner also picked up a lot of this bullish activity, and I’ll be live with him today at 1 p.m. ET, so be sure and join us to see what’s hitting this afternoon!

Could be more miners, could be earnings plays… one thing for certain is we’ll cover our top 3 chip stocks!

So while semiconductors may be on a rampage run higher, don’t forget about the other corners of the market that are seeing some hot trading action.

Crypto has been volatile of late — but it’s been a WHILE since I’ve seen bullish order flow like this into these miners!

Something to keep in mind…

While this bullish order flow is extremely strong and these stocks are popping big time right now, Bitcoin and the miners have been known for filling the gap down.

On a final note, I’m hosting a masterclass for my Perfect Apple Trade strategy at 1 p.m. ET tomorrow, Feb. 9…

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P.S. 1 Last Scanner Session — Get Our Top 3 Chip Stocks!

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And, assuming all goes as planned, how we’re honing in on them to target tradable opportunities?

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See You There at 1 O’Clock!

Graham Lindman
Graham Lindman Trading

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