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Why Inflation Is Far More Serious a Threat Than We First Thought

by | Nov 15, 2021

Inflation is a lot more serious than we initially thought…

With trillions of dollars of economic stimulus flowing into the stock market, there’s a ton of money chasing a few goods. So we have an inflation factor built into some of these soaring stocks. 

Just look at what oil prices have done! 

That’s why we knew when Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said it’d be transitory, meaning temporary, it’d be the opposite…

So in this video, let’s talk about what to keep in mind this trading week… the top markets and stocks to watch… a stock that might be too hot for us to handle… what the put/call ratio is telling us… and a special guest will even tell us the most important thing to know about crypto. 

WRITTEN BY<br>Tom Busby

Tom Busby

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