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7 Critical Trading Lessons to Learn Early On

by | Oct 4, 2021

There are seven crucial lessons every trader needs to learn early on…

Those seven things are:

  1. Always trade the best stocks, whether you’re long or short.
  2. Start with a small test trading account to ensure the real market matches up with your analysis.
  3. Keep your emotions in check.
  4. Don’t have huge margin requirements so you only play with money you really have. 
  5. Place trades when given the chance, even if you’re traveling or at work. 
  6. Trade tolerance should set the tone of your active positions.
  7. If a trade works, keep doing it until it stops.

So in this video, we thought we’d walk you through why these seven steps are so important. We’ll even throw in an update on what we like to call “the seven sisters,” some numbers to keep your eye on, and a few stocks we’re targeting this week. 

WRITTEN BY<br>Tom Busby

Tom Busby

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