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4 Things Traders Should Do Before Entering Trade

by | Jul 26, 2021

Most traders and investors don’t know this, but there are some quick questions we can ask ourselves to see if we’re making decent trades.  

Those four questions are: 

  1. Am I above the opening of the day? That simply means if a stock opens at $26.50 a share, are you above that level? 

  2. Am I above the high of the reference or record-point bar?

  3. Am I above the weekly midpoint? 

  4. Is the current bar higher than the previous bar? 

Since we have a jam-packed trading week, we thought we’d show you exactly how these steps work. And we’ll even throw in some top probabilities for the week, a few key terms you’ll want to know and a list of stocks we’re targeting now.  

WRITTEN BY<br>Tom Busby

Tom Busby

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