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What Stocks the Fastest-Gaining Funds Are Buying Now

by | Aug 23, 2021

Large hedge funds file documents (13F) with the SEC at the end of every quarter that reveal what kind of holdings they have. It’s a federal requirement that basically lets the public keep an eye on what it is they’re doing. 

So investors tend to use 13F filings to see what hedge funds are holding…

But what I do is track the five fastest-gaining funds over the past three months to figure out what holdings they have in common. Then, of course, I organize what I found and put together this video for you. 

This is how I find most of the stocks I trade…

So in today’s video, I thought it’d be beneficial to walk you through what hedge funds are holding in their positions right now. Then I’ll talk more about what they’re currently accumulating… 

What Hedge Funds Are Holding Right Now 

I actually found one of my all-time favorite stocks Sea Ltd (NYSE: SE) this exact way. 

But what stands out the most about these recent 13F filings is that it’s the first quarter that large funds aren’t solely concentrated on tech stocks. 

I mean, they were all about these kinds of stocks the last time. 

It’s great to see they have a ton of exposure in different names like PayPal, Visa, Bill.com and even Moderna.  

So check out my short video below to see how I sift through this information and to learn what hedge funds are holding right now. 

Again, you’ll have heard of most of the stocks on this list. But some of them, the ones that are new to this list, you have to pay attention to because they could be the next big names on Wall Street! 

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Roger Scott

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