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My Top 3 Health Care Stocks to Trade as the S&P 500 Fades

by | Jul 1, 2022

Last week saw a lot of nasty economic data and global events impacting the markets, pulling the S&P 500 and the other major indexes lower yet again as we headed into the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Volume was low and trading was subdued Friday as investors prepared for the long weekend. It remains to be seen whether the S&P 500 will recover or continue trending lower, meaning we’ll keep an eye on how it reacts come Tuesday morning.

But there is a bright spot amid the doom and gloom that’s been 2022 — health care stocks…

Investors Rotating Into Healthcare Stocks for 2022 

While the Nasdaq fell more than 2% on Thursday, the Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSE: XLV), which tracks the Health Care sector, was down just 1%.

As investors rotate out of energy stocks, we’re seeing some of that capital flow into consumer staples and the top health care stocks for 2022.

Part of the reason for this is that Health Care isn’t tied to the economy as much as other sectors. When people get sick, they need to see a doctor.

People are also returning to hospitals for elective procedures and other non-life-threatening surgeries that were put on hold or rescheduled as doctors focused on treating COVID-19 patients.

In the video above, I’ll go into more detail about how the Health Care sector is holding up so well right now, and give you the top three health care stocks for 2022 to watch.

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All the best,

Roger Scott

Senior Strategist, WealthPress

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Roger Scott

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