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Russia-Ukraine War Is a Major Catalyst for These 2 Cyber Stocks

by | Mar 4, 2022

Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened countries that aid Ukraine with consequences “never seen in history,” sanctions against him continue to grow daily… 

Russia is well-known for its state-sponsored cyber attacks, so I wouldn’t put resorting to this past Putin.  

While there’s no clear solution on how to defend against hackers, one thing is for sure: Governments, companies and people are starting to equip themselves with more cybersecurity solutions than ever before… 

And as a result, there’s been a strong spike in several top cybersecurity stocks for 2022

2 Top Cybersecurity Stocks for 2022

Aside from the Russia-Ukraine war, the cybersecurity market is expected to reach $352.25 billion by 2026. 

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies and cybersecurity company McAfee, cybercrimes cost the world almost $600 billion each year, or 0.8% of the global gross domestic product. 

These attacks induce things like the damage and destruction of data, stolen money and lost property. 

So it’s no surprise that the rapid increase in incidents are driving top cybersecurity stocks for 2022 higher… 

That’s why NortonLifeLock Inc. (Nasdaq: NLOK) is the first stock on my radar. 

It provides people with products that protect, manage and control information risks related to security, data, protection, storage and even compliance.

From a technical standpoint, NLOK looks like it’s starting to move up again…

six-month stock chart of NLOK (top cybersecurity stocks for 2022)

I have a price target on NLOK at $35 per share over the next three months — especially if tensions in Western Europe persist longer than expected. 

Check out my short video below to get the next top cybersecurity stock for 2022 you should consider taking a close look at. 

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P.S. The gut-wrenching news of the Russia-Ukraine crisis has most traders feeling lost right now… 

While most of the world is glued to the news, traders are also frantically trying to find a safe haven for their money. 

But what many people don’t know is that historically, invasions lead to spikes in stocks shortly after the sell-off…

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Roger Scott

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