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The Top 7 Chip Stocks to Hold in 2022

by | Jun 3, 2022

I told my readers earlier this week that I’m starting to see a change in the semiconductor index, or SMH ETF. 

I said it’s happening because the stock market has already priced in all of the technology shortages, and the bond market has fallen too far too fast. I also mentioned that chip stocks are coming back to life, which could be a major catalyst for a market rally. 

But I’m not the only person who sees that these stocks are on the move… 

So in this video, I thought I’d take things one step further and show you which top chip stocks analysts are watching in 2022… 

The Top Chip Stocks Analysts Are Watching in 2022

If chip stocks are in demand, it means tech companies are also in demand. And if tech stocks are in demand, then the supply chain bottleneck and inflationary pressure period we’re in may be transitory… And we could be toward the end of it. 

I know I already told you this, but the semiconductor index started moving down about a month before the broader market… 

So chip stocks’ value tends to be more speculative in nature. 

But I also noticed this week that Bank of America analysts are recommending chip stocks, which almost made my mouth drop because all I’ve seen them talk about lately are energy, health care and basic materials companies. 

Everything BofA said is in line with what I’ve been telling my readers… However, they also gave away some names…

So check out my short video at the top of the page to find out which top chip stocks analysts are watching in 2022

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P.S. Everybody said don’t fight the Federal Reserve on the way up, so why are people trying to fight it on the way down? 

Until the Fed says it plans to ease up on interest rate hikes, don’t expect your favorite tech stocks like Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Google or Microsoft to make new highs.

That’s just the stone cold reality… 

We have to play the cards we’ve been dealt right now, and that means investing in value plays and defensive stocks… 

Most traders don’t realize this, but these stocks are making new all-time highs right now and tend to thrive when the Fed raises rates… 

I call them “Super Stocks.”

And I put together a short bootcamp training video that reveals everything.

Learn how to spot them here! 

WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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