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3 Stocks With Long-Term Potential as Volatility Ramps Up

by | Oct 7, 2021

The stock market’s seen a lot of volatility the past few trading days… It’s been up, down and  just about everywhere in between. 

But I have to tell you guys, it looks like things are cooling off…

The put/call ratio is coming down and speculative sectors are leading while defensive stocks lag. Heck, even momentum levels, which I’m an expert at, say the same thing because more small-cap stocks are trading above their 50-day moving averages than large caps. 

I mean, everything I study points to a stronger market. 

If you guys have seen any of my recent videos, then you know I like to hear what other research teams are saying. So in this video, we’re going to look at a few stocks researchers are favoring in October 2021. 

And some of these names happen to be my personal favorites from topics we’ve covered in the past. 

3 Stocks Researchers Favor in October 2021

Bespoke Investment Group, which provides up-to-date research day in and day out, just said it thinks the market is extremely oversold…

Which is exactly what I said on Monday! 

So it’s in line with what I’ve been saying… However, Bespoke has been focused on earnings revisions instead. 

Even Wedbush Securities, a private investment firm based in Los Angeles, said earlier this week that the tech bull thesis is still intact despite the current selling pressure sparked by rising interest rates. 

In other words, Wedbush thinks the pressure on tech stocks will be short-lived, and they’ll rise 10-plus percent by year-end…

And I couldn’t agree more!

So check out my short video below to see which stocks researchers favor in October 2021. 

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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