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2 Trade Ideas as Momentum Shifts Ahead of Fed News

by | Sep 7, 2022

The major indexes are down as the Nasdaq heads for its eighth straight negative session — and more in Wednesday’s stock market recap.

Investors remain fearful the Federal Reserve will keep up its aggressive rate hikes, with most expecting a 0.75% hike this month. The CME FedWatch Tool rates the probability of a 0.75% hike at 82%.

The Fed has already indicated it has no plans to ease up on rate hikes as it looks to rein in the highest inflation in decades.

But we’ll get more information soon — Fed Vice Chair Lael Brainard is set to speak Wednesday, with Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaking Thursday.

In this morning’s stock market recap video, I’ll discuss a major shift in momentum levels… the potential for a big breakdown on a handful of stocks… why China can continue to weaken the economy… why volatility is not responding to the current move… the leading and lagging sectors I’m watching, plus the top sector to pay attention to with key levels.

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Stock Market Recap: By the Numbers

This morning’s stock market futures recap:

DOW (mini)

  • Close: 31,145.3.
  • Futures: 31,117.
  • Change: -49.

S&P 500 (mini)

  • Close: 3,908.19.
  • Futures: 3,905.25.
  • Change: -4.75.

NASDAQ (mini)

  • Close: 12,011.31.
  • Futures: 12,023.5.
  • Change: +4.5.

RUSSELL (mini)

  • Close: 1,792.32.
  • Futures: 1,788.5.
  • Change: -4.1.

Note: Updated as of 9:21 a.m. EDT

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