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[Critical Update] We Haven’t Hit Levels This Oversold Since 2008

by | Sep 26, 2022

Stocks opened mixed this morning, with the Dow down and the Nasdaq up as I wrote this — and more in Monday’s stock market recap. Although news from overseas is once again weighing on sentiment here, I don’t think it’ll stop the bounce I expect is coming soon.

To kick off the week, I will outline my outlook and break down actionable announcements, news and catalysts I’m watching. I’ll also outline which opportunities I expect could unfold in the coming five trading days.

Plus, in the video above, you’ll get…

What the put-to-call ratio says about current market action… why momentum levels point to a massive bounce, especially in one sector… what is driving stocks and bonds… what to expect from the Federal Reserve… and the CRITICAL market levels to watch right now.

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Roger Scott

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