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2 Low-Risk Stocks Set to Rebound With the Market

by | Sep 21, 2021

The media has been doing nothing but stoking investors’ fears over the Evergrande situation this week. But their predictions are overblown and the market is preparing for a rebound. I’ll explain why, and share two low-risk defensive stocks — and more in Tuesday’s stock market recap.

Stock Market Recap

In this stock market recap, investors around the world are worried that Chinese real estate company Evergrande could have a ripple effect in China’s market that extends globally. This could however be an overreaction and an overdue technical correction in the U.S. market. 

When we look at the put/call ratio, momentum levels and the S&P 500 sector alignment, recent news is already priced into the market. So I’ve picked out two low-risk defensive stocks that could move higher if the market turns bullish again.

Roger’s Radar: Two Defensive Stocks for a Bullish Market 

Chubb Limited (NYSE: CB) has been pulling back toward its 50-day moving average, closing just above that level. But the company has done well so far this year, especially for a large-cap stock, so this could be a great entry point if the market rebounds.

And even though Chubb is a financial stock, it’s not speculative. The company is involved in things like property, casualty, health and life insurance — your staple financial products. 

The second stock on my radar is a consumer “sin” stock. And the nice thing about these types of names is that they’ll go up even if the markets are a little iffy.

In this video, you’ll discover whether momentum levels are stabilizing… how to interpret volatility right now… if the put/call ratio is freaking out… and two hot defensive stocks to buy right now.


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