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2 Sectors to Avoid Ahead of a Coming Pullback

by | Nov 9, 2021

In Tuesday’s stock market recap, we’re going to focus on market sectors and, in particular, highlight the strongest and weakest of them.

Looking at specific sectors helps us understand the broader trends going on in the market, and formulate strategies that take advantage of the movements. 

In this video, I’ll also reveal which two sectors are the most vulnerable to downside pressure, as well as share my strategy for trading the long bond.

I’ll also explain why the markets are so choppy right now, and how to position yourself in the current environment.  

Last but certainly not least, as I do every Tuesday, I’ll identify the strongest stock in the strongest sector, and the weakest stock in the weakest sector.

I use my proprietary momentum indicator, which gives us actionable trade ideas on every market sector.

We’ll take a look at a long trade for the strongest stock and a short trade for the weakest stock. That way you can take advantage of both sides of the market.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

P.S. Don’t Trade Before THIS Time of Day 

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This 3 o’clock “Burn Window,” as Joy of the Trade Head Trader Jeff Zananiri calls it, allows anyone to potentially buy low and sell high, sometimes just 18 hours later. 

Now he’s getting ready to reveal exactly why these massive opportunities happen — and how anyone can start taking advantage of them right away. 

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