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Rising Interest Rates Won’t Weaken This HOT Sector

by | Nov 4, 2021

In Thursday’s stock market recap, we take a look at what the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy means, how bonds will react over the near term, which index to avoid right now, whether internals are screaming buy or sell, and my top ETF with an option strike price level.

If you’ve been watching my morning videos, then you know I like to combine two of my favorite things into one big-money opportunity every Thursday: ETFs and options.

There’s a reason I focus on specific sectors and ETFs. Depending on a variety of factors — how well the economy is doing, what’s going on in the markets, current events and seasonal trends — some sectors will naturally perform better than others.

We’ll also look at the momentum for a sector or ETF. By identifying sectors that are picking up steam, we can jump on board and capture the bulk of their upward momentum as they take off.

The sector I’m looking at today is the Northshore Global Uranium Mining ETF (NYSEArca: URNM).

I’m looking at uranium mining for several reasons.

One… higher rates aren’t going to affect basic and raw materials at these levels, if at all. We’re seeing a strong trend in this sector.

And two… uranium mining isn’t going anywhere.

The great thing about using options along with ETFs is that this strategy can turn momentum analysis of a specific sector, or even an entire country’s stock market, into an actionable trade with double- or triple-digit upside potential. Far more than investing in the ETF alone.

And in my video below, I’ll give you an option trade to go with it!

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Roger Scott

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