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2 Long, 2 Short Trades and Bold Predictions for a Major Turning Point

by | Feb 23, 2022

The markets opened higher to break a multi-day losing streak on the announcement of economic sanctions against Russia — and more in Wednesday’s stock market recap.

Following President Vladimir Putin’s authorization to send troops into eastern Ukraine, the U. S., Britain and European Union imposed sanctions on Russian banks, officials and business leaders.

Rising tensions also prompted an increase in oil and metal prices in anticipation of supply disruptions.

All eyes are also on Thursday’s gross domestic product report. If GDP comes in weaker than expected, there’s a chance the Federal Reserve will hold off on raising interest rates, especially with the threat of war.

This is one scenario where a weaker-than-expected number might actually be a good thing for the markets.

In this morning’s stock market recap video, you’ll get an update on key price levels and what a breach would mean for Wall Street… a look inside market internals and how they can benefit our analysis… how to gauge current price action… a look into the major sectors prime for upside gains… plus two long and two short setups, complete with entry and exit levels.

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P.S. Prepare for This Massive Shift in the Markets…

Back on Jan. 14, Joy of the Trade’s Jeff Zananiri warned that a big sell-off was coming… Days later, the market tanked and he collected 352% on DGX. 

Then again on Jan. 28, he predicted a rebound rally for the week… And he collected 30% on TXN and 11% on XOM — both overnight!

And now, Jeff has his eye on something he says pales in comparison to what we’ve seen the past month…

Uncover His Biggest Prediction Yet!

Stock Market Recap: By the Numbers

This morning’s stock market futures recap: 

DOW (mini)

  • Close: 33,596.61.
  • Futures: 33,750.
  • Change: +225.

S&P 500 (mini)

  • Close: 4,304.76.
  • Futures: 4,332.5.
  • Change: +32.5.

NASDAQ (mini)

  • Close: 13,870.53.
  • Futures: 14,018.
  • Change: +155.25.

RUSSELL (mini)

  • Close: 1,980.17.
  • Futures: 1,994.
  • Change: +14.8.

Note: Updated as of 9:19 a.m. EST  

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Roger Scott

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