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2 Stable Food Stocks to Hold Ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas

by | Nov 23, 2021

Most investors and traders tend to focus on tech and retail companies during the holidays… 

But with current inflationary pressures proving to be anything but “transitory” and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell being renominated, there’s a good chance we’ll see higher rates soon enough. 

This means more pressure for tech and growth stocks, but more upside for defensive buy-and-hold names…

Which is what we typically seek out during periods of high inflation.

That’s why I’m focused on these stable food stocks that have performed well in both good and bad times alike. 

2 Stable Food Stocks to Invest in Now 

The stable food stocks I’m giving away in the video below have shown remarkable upside, even in light of COVID-19 worries, inflationary pressure and massive volatility we’re seeing right now.  

While food prices have been hit with inflation just like everything else, we’ll continue to buy things we need. 

We might back off of items we want, but not the things we need

That’s why I’m targeting stable food stocks like Albertsons Companies Inc. (NYSE: ACI).

It’s a grocery chain that distributes things like fruits, vegetables, canned items and other related goods. 

And the recent eat-at-home trend is great for this stock…

ACI raised its quarterly dividend by about 20%, and its one-year return is around 123%!

So it’s probably easy to see why I have a 12-week profit target of $42 per share on ACI if we continue to see a rotation into high-quality consumer staples, which will only speed up because the Fed is bullish on raising rates. 

Check out my short video below to get the next stable food stock on my list. 

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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