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2 Cruise Line Stocks to Short as We Head Into 2022

by | Dec 30, 2021

Most people figured COVID-19 would be behind us by now, but things just haven’t worked out as planned. 

I mean, headlines this week have consisted of things like “COVID-19 cases spike in DC, Maryland and Virginia” and even “Thailand warns of spike in COVID-19 cases after ‘super spreader’ event.” 

This sounds a lot like a repeat of the past year (and the one before) to me. 

And it’s hitting one particular sector hard

It just seems like every time cruise ships get a clean bill of health, another variant comes in and roils the party. 

Hence, finding cruise ship stocks to short in 2022 might not be a bad idea for us… 

2 Cruise Ship Stocks to Short in 2022

Cruise lines are experiencing a wave of COVID-19 cases with dozens of ships under investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which doesn’t bode well for them. 

The CDC recently reported the number of ships that have reached “yellow status,” which indicates that reported COVID-19 cases have met the threshold for investigation. 

For Carnival Corp. (NYSE: CCL) alone, the number of ships in “yellow status” rose from 25 to 32 on Tuesday. 

And the amount of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE: RCL) cruise ships in “yellow status” climbed from 20 to 25. 

Talk about adding more insult to injury, folks… 

While most investors chose to ignore this data for much of December, it is now weighing on their stocks. 

I don’t believe the new year will be stellar for cruise liners. 

In fact, finding cruise ship stocks to short in 2022 could be a smart idea because spikes in COVID-19 cases will hinder this industry first. And it gives investors who are hedging their portfolios direct exposure against COVID-19. 

Check out my short video below to learn which cruise ship stocks to short in 2022…

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And unfortunately, I believe one of the hottest sectors of this past year is in for a rude awakening in 2022.

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