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2 No-Brainer REITs No One Is Talking About — but Everyone Should Be

by | Nov 10, 2021

You know what no one is talking about but everyone should be? The top REITs that look ready to break out right now.

The stock market’s been hot the past year or so, right? I mean, the S&P 500 is near all-time highs and the Federal Reserve continues to pump cash into the economy. It did say it’ll begin tapering bond purchases later this month, but not by much so that’s a topic for another day. 

So the bullish trend could only continue…

But do you remember what I always say? 

Traders don’t find the BIG money in gold… It’s in the shovels being used… which means we need to look at “related industries” to see how much growth they’re getting. 

What I’m hinting at here is that there’s a hidden subsector that’s rallying to brand-new highs that nobody is talking about yet…

So in this video, I’m giving away a few REITs ready to break out! 

2 Under-the-Radar REITs Ready to Break Out

We all probably know the marijuana industry has been lagging behind the overall market and doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of a turnaround. 

You can thank the lack of federal legalization and banking laws — which makes expansion hard… 

While the underlying growth of pot stocks has burned out, REITs getting ready for the future legalization of marijuana are thriving. 

Many states have already legalized it, so demand is strong. 

But no one wants to grow outdoors because of pests, bad weather and a host of other issues that lower quality. 

Growers know this, and so do smart businessmen and women who put together this small group of REITs ready to break out. They’re helping growers yield the most product in the shortest amount of time. 

They also give traders the best of both worlds because they make solid investments in low-risk assets. And with marijunana being a lucrative business, there’s more efficiency with less downside risk. 

So check out my short video on these REITs ready to breakout! 

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Look, every week, thousands of headlines like earnings or bad news out of the Federal Reserve or China wreck perfectly good trade setups. 

So instead of traders risking their hard-earned cash during the meat of the week, there’s a simple Friday afternoon strategy that skips all the madness…

It taps into some of the most reliable forces in the market, giving us direct access to trade gains like 90% on ZNGA… 96% on INTC… and even 610% on CRSR!

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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