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Markets Haven’t Been This Oversold Since 2008. Here’s How I’m Playing It

by | Sep 22, 2022

Stocks are mixed this morning, but I don’t think that’ll last long. Bonds, history and momentum point to at least a short-term market bounce.

In Thursday’s video, I’ll show you a chart you need to see to believe. It points to oversold levels not seen since 2008! And it wasn’t much later way back then that markets bottomed.

And since it’s Thursday, I’ll combine two of my favorite things into a big-money opportunity: options plays and ETFs. Using options, we can turn momentum analysis of a specific sector — or even an entire country’s stock market — into actionable trade ideas. I’ll give you all the details you need to execute this plan.

In today’s video, you’ll get…

  • An update on the global economy.
  • New data on current momentum levels using one of my favorite indicators.
  • A Break down of critical S&P 500 and Nasdaq levels.
  • A preview of big Federal Reserve data still on the table.
  • And much more…

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