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2 Heavy-Duty Infrastructure Stocks With Major Upside Potential

by | Jul 30, 2021

President Joe Biden has made it clear that we desperately need to update our infrastructure system. 

Believe it or not, but about half of all bridges in America are over 40 years old! 

That tells me there are major structural deficiencies that must be repaired. So billions of dollars  over the next few months are about to get poured into upgrading bridges, roadways and pipes around the U.S. 

With a ton of government money flowing in, I’ve managed to get my hands on a few infrastructure stocks with potential upside. And, more specifically, strong accumulation in two companies that make cement! 

2 Infrastructure Stocks With Potential Upside

According to Morgan Stanley’s research team, cement companies will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of our infrastructure upgrade. That’s simply because the U.S. cement industry is already close to hitting 90% capacity…

So it’s no surprise that Cemex SAB de CV ADR (NYSE: CX) is the first infrastructure stock with potential upside on my list. 

CX is one of the largest cement companies in the world that produces, distributes, markets and sells cement and ready-mix concrete. 

Its one-year return is about 170%, which isn’t all that bad for a cement company! 

I see CX’s price popping to the $11 level over the next quarter — especially if the strong Basic Materials and Industrials sector trends resume. And that’s likely considering the trading action I’m seeing. 

Check out my short video to get the next infrastructure stock with potential upside I’m targeting. 

And what’s great about these two stocks is they’re both recovering from short-term pullbacks and crossing their 50-day moving averages to the upside once again. This tends to lead to a good upward run and strong risk vs. reward from a technical standpoint. 

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P.S. I just pulled back the curtain on a handful of small-cap stocks poised for massive breakouts. 

You see, trillions of dollars are now being poured into the once overlooked small-cap sector. 

And if investors can identify exactly where the money’s about to flow next, they can collect  major windfalls on those stocks as they rise. 

In a matter of just one week, I signaled 118% on PFSI…153% on DDD… and 414% on CNE. 

And this is just the start of gains like these because finding these “microbursts” happens to be my specialty!

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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