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These Could Be the 2 Biggest Software Winners This Fall

by | Oct 25, 2021

Just this past week I told you guys the software sector is set to outperform the current earnings season. I even highlighted two ETFs that should do well. 

I did that because the existing supply chain issues and profit margins aren’t going to eat up too much of the industry, for lack of a better phrase. 

But with that said, there are still a few more cybersecurity stocks for fall 2021 that have been gaining ground…

So I figured right now would be a great time to look at some more software companies, especially ones focused on cybersecurity, which the Federal Reserve says is the biggest threat to our country.

2 Cybersecurity Stocks for Fall 2021 

The first cybersecurity stock for fall 2021 is Tenable Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TENB).

It specializes in the development of security software solutions, while managing and measuring cybersecurity risk in the digital era.

TENB’s enterprise software platform allows broad visibility into its organizations’ cyber exposure, which helps companies translate technical data into business insight. This gives people insight to understand and reduce their cybersecurity risks. 

The company’s one-year return is about 41% and earnings surprises have been positive the past four quarters.

The stock also has 14 strong buy recommendations! 

So I have a price target of $70 per share on TENB over the next quarter if the stock market remains intact and the medium-term trend stays stable. 

But that’s just a little about the first software stock on my list…

Check out my short video below to learn more about TENB and to get the next cybersecurity stock for fall 2021. 

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WRITTEN BY<br>Roger Scott

Roger Scott

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