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Chip Stocks, Engulfing Candles, Quad Witching Options Expiration and Fastest Movers!

by | Jun 21, 2024

Markets are relatively flat for this quadruple witching — or quad witching — Friday, which is when four different sets of futures and options expire on the same day… 

It only happens four times a year and can lead to heightened volume and volatility. 

So things could get a little wild today…Though, volume has been light this week, and that can lead to big, exaggerated moves. 

Today is not the day to be a trend follower. You can’t let intraday trends fool you, you must watch the main trend more closely. 

Chip stocks, which have been holding the market up, are starting to sell off…

And if we get more follow through, look out below…

I’ll cover all that, my daily hitlist of longs and shorts and more in this morning’s “Premarket Must Watch” video!

Roger Scott
Roger Scott Trading

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P.S. Last Call for My BIG Pre-Election Forecast, Predictions and Top Stocks!

It’s not too late to get my BIG pre-election forecast! We’re here to make money, not discuss politics, so there’s none of that involved.

But we are gearing up for what could be one of the biggest presidential elections in history…

So I’m tapping into a very rare phenomenon to prepare for the coming volatility that’s likely to whipsaw markets and different sectors.

I just shared my biggest, most important projections heading into the November elections, so make sure to hit the link below to catch the replay.

You’ll see my top election stocks, my biggest predictions and more…

Most importantly, we discussed how I plan to trade the likely rising volatility as the election approaches! Don’t miss it!

Don’t Miss It!

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Roger Scott

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