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Whale Drops $1.2 MILLION on This Surging Airline

by | Dec 6, 2023

Right out of the gate in the first half-hour of trading Wednesday, we saw a whale drop over $1.2 million in Delta calls…

Which we got into on late Thursday in our Shadow Trader strategy!

We entered the weekly $38 calls for a measly $0.41, only to see those bad boys rocket higher on the open Thursday, closing out for a monster 124.39% gain** at $0.92 — BANG!

The whale jumped on board in the April 2024 monthly expiration, $45 strike calls with shares of Delta surging nearly 5% to over $39! If it’s the same trader who hit the Delta calls on Thursday, this person has been spot on!

We also saw some calls in TG Therapeutics, short bets in Citi and weekly bets in the cruise lines and more, so check today’s video up top for the full rundown!

Wednesday’s Top Order Flow: 

  • DAL Apr24 Strike: 45 Calls premium: $1,249,463 ABOVE ASK BULLISH
    Trade Date: December 6, 2023 Trade Time: 10:02 am
  • TGTX Jan24 Strike: 16 Calls premium: $218,920 ASK BULLISH
    Trade Date: December 6, 2023 Trade Time: 10:05 am
  • C Dec23 Strike: 48 Puts premium: $354,090 ASK BEARISH
    Trade Date: December 6, 2023 Trade Time: 9:54 am
  • C Dec23 Strike: 49 Puts premium: $182,962 ABOVE ASK BEARISH
    Trade Date: December 6, 2023 Trade Time: 10:05 am

Note: If no date is listed after the month, it’s the monthly expiration (third Friday). 

Lance Ippolito Trading Team

Lance doesn’t want the CCP spying on him, so you’ll never find him on TikTok. Same goes for other social media sites, which are filled with impersonators, scammers and crypto bros. 

You can only find him on his personal YouTube Channel — smash that Subscribe button! https://www.youtube.com/@LanceIppolito 

And in his private Telegram channel: https://t.me/+-gVwEIwGJhplMTgx 

*This is for informational and educational purposes only. There is inherent risk in trading, so trade at your own risk. 

**Since Shadow Trader’s inception on March 20, 2020, through Dec. 8, 2023, the program has a 68.1% win rate on 499 closed trades. The average return including winners and losers is 14.1% — the average winner is 51.3% — in an average 6.66-day hold time. 

P.S. Tesla Is on a Tear

In the last 25 days, Tesla’s rallied about 15%…

I don’t think most people expected that!

Especially considering the company bombed on earnings in late October…

That said, on Nov. 1, my indicator turned bullish for Tesla.

You can see how it flipped from red to green right here. 

TSLA chart

That told me the momentum in Tesla had turned bullish. And for his traders, it opened up brand-new opportunities…

If you want to see how this indicator works and how his guys and girls have been using it to trade in and out of Tesla over the last few weeks… 

Check THIS Out

WRITTEN BY<br>Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito

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