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How to Profit From the Weekend Trade Watchlist

by | Oct 1, 2021

For some investors, trading can seem like a full-time job.

Researching companies, analyzing charts, checking headlines… All to find a few opportunities that might net you a small profit.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you use the right strategy, you could take it easy all week, get into a trade on Friday, relax over the weekend and jump out of the trade on Monday for a quick gain.

Now, a lot of investors and advisers will say not to trade on a Friday.

Their reasoning is we can’t know what’s going to happen over the weekend, so why lock ourselves into a trade?

Well, they’re only half right. Big-money investors spend a lot of time and money to get a head start on the rest of the market…

And I’ve created a strategy that allows me to sniff out exactly what they’re trading ahead of the weekend.

Follow the Money and Unlock This Options Trading Secret

My strategy involves looking for “wires,” an options trading secret used by institutional investors and big-money insiders.

To really show you the magic of this strategy, let’s take a look at a recent example…  

On Friday, Aug. 20, my wiretap system flagged a $5.8 million wire on Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC)

This type of activity seemingly came out of the blue. But as you’ll see, it was because the traders who came in to initiate these positions knew something the average investor didn’t. 

Just before the market close that Friday, they rushed to move their funds into a position, spreading their $5.8 million across 14 different exchanges.

They use this and other industry options trading secrets to try to shield their activity from other investors. After all, their strategy works if they’re the only ones who get in.

But since we know what to look for, even though we don’t know what information these institutional traders are acting on, we know they know something… 

And at 6 a.m. on Monday morning, we found out what it was. 

A press release went live on Business Wire, announcing that Intel had won a project for the U.S. government with the Department of Defense. 

And all those options positions the big-money traders had initiated the previous Friday? They jumped 96%! 

That’s 96%, in a little over two days… 

It’s Time to Level the Playing Field

You can see how lucrative this options trading secret strategy is. And that’s exactly why I created my weekend Wiretap Trade Alerts strategy. 

When we see these “wires” coming in, that’s the big-money traders putting their money where their mouth is. 

They wouldn’t act with such conviction unless they knew something. 

We can use this information to our advantage and follow them into these trades. 

Remember, this strategy doesn’t require you to sit by your computer, staring at charts. Or to jump up every time you get a notification on your phone. 

You know when we’ll be getting into trades — Friday afternoon around 3 p.m. — and that we’ll be out by Monday morning. 

As we approach the end of the week, I’ve already noticed some unusual live options flow in a few companies. 

One of those companies is Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (Nasdaq: GT). If that sounds familiar, it’s because the massive trade made Monday’s Blitz Daily. Traders came in and swept up more than 10,000 contracts of the Nov. 19 expiration $19 strike calls for over $1 million in premium! 

This isn’t a stock that gets a lot of options activity — Monday’s buys in that strike were nearly five times higher than its 30 day average volume. Automotive stocks have been trending of late with the supply shortages, and these options give traders exposure to Goodyear’s earnings report on Oct. 29 — its first full quarter since acquiring rival tire manufacturer Cooper!

To find out all about how to unlock this powerful options trading secret along with the other two stocks that made my watchlist, join me for my FREE event! It all starts at 11 a.m. EDT. 

Just click right here.

WRITTEN BY<br>Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito

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