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A Winning Trade So Fast, It Could Only Happen LIVE!

by | Sep 10, 2021

Even on so-called “slow days,” the markets move fast.

Sometimes a few seconds can be the difference between booking a winner and a loser…

Or the difference between a good gain and a great one.

Having the most up-to-date information is critical when it comes to trading…

And that goes double when you’re trading options!

That’s why I love being  in front of Daily Profits Challenge members… LIVE in the War Room!

Because they’re trading alongside me in real time, these live sessions give them the best up-to-the-second information available on the market!

And this past Thursday, we booked a big win that I never could have gotten into with my other strategies…

Daily Profits Challenge Live Trading Sessions

Tech titan Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) was reeling heading into Thursday’s session. The stock gapped down 1.4% in after-hours trading after analysts at Morgan Stanley downgraded it from “overweight” to “equal weight”. 

In the release, the analysts cited concerns over its valuation relative to the rest of the sector. Meanwhile, CSCO competitor Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) has nearly double Cisco’s P/E ratio… 

And that might be a part of why the bulls jumped all over the dip in the networking giant!

Things weren’t looking great for the networking firm in the opening hour on Thursday… But just as the live trading session started at 10:30 a.m., the buying picked up.

With the stock at $58.40, the new addition to my Blitz Tracker sniffed out a big buy of 4,999 contracts of the September monthly $58.50 calls for an outstanding $285,000 bet on Cisco! This one was just too juicy to pass up, and we issued an alert less than five minutes into the live trading session with a $0.59 fill.

And when I said things moved quickly, I mean I barely had enough time for my morning coffee to brew before we hit our first profit target — BANG!

In just 20 minutes, the stock climbed just 0.4%. But thanks to the power of options trading, those calls jumped 34%! 

I sold a few of my contracts at $0.79 and before I could get an alert out, the shares jumped another 15% higher…

So you can say I had a little seller’s remorse, but it was a great break for members following along — and we were only halfway through the session! Another 20 minutes saw more institutional buying… and more gains for us!

The stock continued to inch higher and because those calls were now in the money, that means the price change in the stock is reflected in the options premium! And when you buy in at $0.59, those pennies add up! 

While that $0.52 jump in the stock would have netted all of 0.89%, Daily Profits Challenge traders locked in a nice 69% gain in under 45 minutes!

Check out the video clip from Thursday’s live trading session to see how it all unfolded, and keep an eye on the timestamp at the top of the screen!

Don’t forget you can follow me @LanceIppolito on Twitter, Instagram and our YouTube channel for more trading insights and tips. And as always, you can find me right here talking stocks and options trading — and printing money — on WealthPress.com

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WRITTEN BY<br>Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito

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