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Check Out This Massive GameStop ‘Cat’alyst for Friday

by | Jun 6, 2024

GameStop (GME) shares skyrocketed Thursday, hitting session highs after a major “cat”alyst…

Meme stock legend “Roaring Kitty,” aka Keith Gill, scheduled his first YouTube livestream in almost four years for noon ET on Friday, June 7. Traders are buzzing with speculation that Mr. Kitty will discuss his massive GME stake ahead of the company’s June 11 earnings report.

GME surged as much as 40% early Thursday afternoon, ripping above $44 a share before trading was halted. It fell about 20% once trading resumed… 

But then it ripped again!

The stock is up over 110% this week alone, and guess what caught all of the action in real time… 

My News Flow Scanner — BANG!  

GME flow has been on fire all week! Check this out…

I’ve also been mentioning this flow in my Telegram channel…

This massive resurgence comes after Gill resurfaced, posting updates for the first time since the 2020 meme stock mania that led to congressional hearings. 

Gill posted screenshots of his E-Trade portfolio last Sunday, revealing 5 million GME shares and 120,000 call options, valued at over $200 million. This disclosure has clearly stirred the market and his livestream is adding fuel to that fire.

E-Trade even threatened to kick him off its platform. If this guy is pissing off Wall Street and Congress, you know he’s doing something right!

The orders are still coming in fast and furious, with TEN more hitting the scanner after the screenshots above, and with GME surging to its peak of the day before closing up 50%!

If you want to get in on the action, all you have to do is go here!

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