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Bulls Slam Oracle Ahead of Monday’s Earnings Call

by | Dec 11, 2023

What a way to close out last week and begin this week!

We held a special Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) rebalance live trading session Friday, spotting some big winners over the weekend!

But first, we saw January monthly expiration, $16 strike calls in Macy’s hit the News Flow Scanner last week… And this morning? 

Those babies were up well over 300% from Friday’s closing price on the heels of a $5.8 billion buyout offer that valued shares of Macy’s at $21 each!

They were around $1.44 a contract at Friday’s close, and they ticked over $5.00 Monday afternoon!

We also had a nice weekend in Wiretap Alerts, getting a small 5.26%* win in Caesars Entertainment (CZR) and a massive 141.38%* win in Nordstrom calls — which likely soared Monday along with Macy’s. 

The Wiretap Alerts strategy has a 72.4% win rate on 330 closed trades, and a 9.4% average gain — including winning and losing trades — in an average three-day hold time. 

And that brings us to Monday’s top order flow…

Bulls were hot on the trail of Oracle, which reports after the close, hitting the weekly $116 and $119 calls, and the Dec. 22, $118 calls with shares trading just under $115.

The three orders tipped the scale at over $680,000 in premium, with the weekly $119 calls seeing the biggest bet ($380,000).

As always, use proper risk management, because the weekly calls especially could go to $0 on the open if the purchasers are wrong!

We also saw unusual activity in Weight Watchers and AMD, so be sure and check out the video up top for a full breakdown! 

Monday’s Top Order Flow: 

  • ORCL Dec23 Strike: 116 Calls premium: $149,799 ASK BULLISH Trade Date: December 11, 2023 Trade Time: 11:43 am
  • WW Jan24 5th Strike: 8 Calls premium: $129,400 ASK BULLISH Trade Date: December 11, 2023 Trade Time: 11:59 am
  • AMD Dec23 Strike: 135 Calls premium: $177,375 ASK BULLISH Trade Date: December 11, 2023 Trade Time: 12:54 pm
  • And more!

Note: If no date is listed after the month, it’s the monthly expiration (third Friday). 

Lance Ippolito Trading Team

Lance doesn’t want the CCP spying on him, so you’ll never find him on TikTok. Same goes for other social media sites, which are filled with impersonators, scammers and crypto bros. 

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*This is for informational and educational purposes only. There is inherent risk in trading, so trade at your own risk. 

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But I will never have the intel on individual stocks that the elites behind the top tiers of Wall Street have.

And, in my opinion, the best indication that a stock will hold up is when those people — the ones most in the know — are laying down massive bets that they will.

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WRITTEN BY<br>Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito

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