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The Housing Crisis Is Here. But Crisis Creates Opportunity…

by | Oct 7, 2022

Before we get to it, I have a special announcement to make… 

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Now, on to today’s analysis…

There’s something big coming that’s going to displace millions of Americans if my research is correct…

A looming housing crisis. 

There’s a seismic shift looming that’s not just a one-off thing, and it has everything to do with the American dream of owning a home disappearing for a massive chunk of people — millions and millions of people. But there are companies that will benefit and thrive from this shift…

There is an insane amount of money flowing from BIG investing institutions into the housing and real estate market. 

Any time something big happens, you have to look directly at who — and which companies when it comes to stocks will benefit from it.  

Mortgage rates are going to stay stubbornly high while rents will continue to rise. This is going to price the average person out of buying a home. And most people won’t want to downgrade their quality of life, so they’ll continue renting. 

But here’s the thing most people aren’t getting right… They think because mortgage rates are going so high, that means real estate prices will come down. 

But that is NOT going to happen. In fact, I expect real estate to explode higher again because it’s going to be seen as a safe haven for big institutions to park capital.  

When things get crazy, people look for concrete things to own that will appreciate in value. Property is property… we can’t create more land… 

And if my research is correct… much like what Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell keeps saying… there’s going to be a lot of pain for a lot of people. 

I wouldn’t be surprised to see mortgage rates jump 8% to 9%.

That would triple the mortgage payments of lucky people who locked in just a few short months ago. 

But for investors who take action to get ahead of this wealth migration, it could create some of the biggest market moves over the next few years. Check out my video up top and watch Senior Strategist Roger Scott and I break down this market, and where I see opportunities. 

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P.S. Will YOU get wrecked by the coming housing crisis? According to my ground-breaking research… 

This isn’t something that’s just “coming” or “may happen” in the future… 

We are in the beginning phase of it RIGHT NOW! 

And this won’t just affect the rich or the poor… 

But rather every income class in the nation — including you and I!  

That’s why I’ve made it my vision to not only help millions of people avoid the blows this housing crisis will bring… 

But also show people the MASSIVE investment opportunities that will come as a result! 

Check Out My Briefing Now for Details

WRITTEN BY<br>Jeff Zananiri

Jeff Zananiri

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