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How to Play the Fed and Wednesday’s Interest Rate News

by | Jun 14, 2022


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Boy oh boy, the Federal Reserve has painted itself into a corner with the mess it’s made of handling inflation, which hasn’t been so “transitory.”

And we’ll find out its next move on Wednesday when we get the latest Fed interest rate hike news, with a lot of experts pricing in a 0.75% hike.

Following Friday’s 8.6% year-over-year rise in inflation, the Fed is woefully behind the curve… And this is what happens when you don’t do what you’re supposed to.   

The Latest Fed Interest Rate Hike News

I stumbled upon a great Twitter thread last week that does a nice job of explaining how bad off we are right now. 

So the Fed didn’t do its job, and now we have the fallout to deal with, including a tanking stock market and a recession. 

Quantitative tightening just started on June 1 and the Fed’s going to unwind its balance sheet while also jacking up interest rates in the face of a rapidly slowing economy.

This isn’t good, and it’s not normal. 

Will a rate hike of 0.75% this week be a good move? Check out my short video above and let’s talk about how to prepare and plan for what’s to come with the latest Fed interest rate hike news. 

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P.S. One Wins, the Other Loses…

A lot of folks are running for the hills right now… And with the economy in the dumpster…

I can’t really blame them. However… I fully believe that if you sit on the sidelines over the next 90 days…

You could miss out on something really, really big! Because a $1.5 trillion event is coming in September… And here’s how I’m planning to benefit the most when it comes! 

If you think my plan is about shorting the S&P 500… think again!

It’s NOT about rushing into gold, commodities, bonds or crypto either…

It’s About a Simple Correlation Between 2 Stocks 

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Jeff Zananiri

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