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Joy of the Trade Investor’s Edge Watchlist Stocks: Thursday, July 29

by | Jul 29, 2021

Today’s watchlist comes after reviewing all the recent news in the global stock market. In fact, this trade idea came to me after I discussed it with Wealthpress Senior Strategist Roger Scott Wednesday during our Roundtable video —  check it out here.

And I think I found a Buy It or Burn It stock that looks to be on the verge of making significant moves.

Remember, these are just ideas I’m sharing. You should only enter these trades if you’re comfortable managing the positions on your own. 

Check out this week’s free bonus trade ideas below!

iShares MSCI Hong Kong ETF (NYSEArca: EWH)

China is undergoing an international investor crisis — one they’ve ushered in themselves. Beijing has been sour on Chinese companies raising money from the West for years, and recently they’re turning the screws to the giants listed in the U.S. stock market. However, the real whale in the crosshairs of the Communist Party of China are Hong Kong financiers. I expect a crash this summer in Hong Kong and — though the EWH is beat down right now — there’s still at least 15% of meat left on that bone with huge upside on the puts. In the meantime, I suggest shorting EWH.

WRITTEN BY<br>Jeff Zananiri

Jeff Zananiri

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