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I’m Now a Bear. But Don’t Fret — I See Opportunity

by | Nov 1, 2023

Those who know me know that I look forward, not backward.

It’s a fault. It means I often don’t apologize when I desperately need to, and I hurt people’s feelings on a regular basis. Please forgive me.

My publisher often asks me to look back and talk about predictions I made that came to fruition — especially those that went against popular professional opinions.

I don’t like to do that, either, but here we go… This is for you, not for me.

Before I do this, I want you to know that I have turned into a bear.

  • Not for today, tomorrow or next week… but for a very specific period I will lay out over the next several weeks.

Why do I want you to know this?

For one, I don’t want you to be fearful. I see opportunity!

For two, because I was right in 2022 when I became a bull late in the summer.

  • I was right when I told folks in 2022 to go long GE.
  • I was right in late 2022 when I said Eil Lilly’s weight-loss drug, I mean diabetes drug — as I clear my throat… hmm… hmm… hmm… — would change the world.
  • I was right when I said people would be surprised in 2023 by what was simple American entrepreneurship.

And, I was right about October, even though I had no idea the world would turn upside down. Look at the S&P 500 Equal-Weight ETF (NYSEArca: RSP) below.

First is my projection…

RSP projection chart

And here’s what actually happened…

RSP stock chart

Now I’m preparing for what’s next. It’s a wonderful time to be a trader and investor!

Stay tuned.

Trade to Trade Well. Think and Win!

Celeste Lindman
Celeste Lindman Trading

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WRITTEN BY<br>Celeste Lindman

Celeste Lindman

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