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Fed Survey Reveals Stark Manufacturing Collapse. A Sign of What’s to Come?

by | Jan 17, 2024

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Tuesday’s collapse in the New York Federal Reserve Empire State Manufacturing Survey ranks as the second biggest collapse in the 20-plus-year history of the survey, according to BespokePremium.

The real collapse is in new orders and shipments.

This indicator surveys manufacturers in New York state across a variety of industries.

That might seem like a small sample, but it could be shedding light on a larger sample within a few sectors. Stay aware of this in 2024.

There are two things that catch my eye in this chart from BespokePremium…

One is the timing of the current condition downturns (2001, ’08, ’20 and post-COVID ’22 to where we are now).

The other thing that catches my eye is that in six months, these same manufacturers who were surveyed expect conditions to improve.

Take a look at the red line and notice the divergence compared to the past. It looks to me like this is a rather strong first.

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Celeste Lindman
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Celeste Lindman

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